May, 27 — July, 5, 2021

graffiti: Saone, Johnny

Location: Kozhevennaya line, 40, Sevkabel Port

BUSTOPOCHKA  is an event-specific object created specifically for the Science Bar Hopping festival by the BIOROBOTY019 group. A real bus stop with unexpected elements and ironic announcements (“I will edit the genome. Qualitatively. Call”) is the result of the group’s reflection on the concept of the Evolution, dedicated to the development of scientific thought and the continuity of scientific knowledge.

It seems to the artists that in the future, the standard bust stop for citizens will look like a cyber-punk facility, completely occupied by ads in which everyday life is inextricably linked with science and technology. Acting on the edge of the Science Art genre, the artists take a speculative approach and create an entertaining art object with many scientific and pseudoscientific references.

“In this project, the bus stop acts first of all, not as a separate self-sufficient object, but as a scenery of a situation in which the viewer is invited to participate. This is a permanent expectation of a better future, the onset of which is inevitably associated with scientific achievements and breakthroughs'' (BIOROBOTY019).