Subcultural Landscape vol 1/vol 2

Subcultural landscape is a project by the North-Western branch of the Pushkin Museum im. A.S. Pushkin (NCCA St. Petersburg) and the Fund for Support of Innovations and Youth Initiatives of St. Petersburg with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Gazprom project “Friends of St. Petersburg”

The exhibition presents proposals for transforming the urban environment with the help of artistic means developed in seminars with the curators of the Subcultural Landscape project: artist Pokras Lampas and curators Anna Zavediy and Kirill Spasskov.

For this exhibition, on the basis of the Academy’s workshops, students completed projects in various techniques and media, including metal processing, electroplating, ceramics, embroidery, easel graphics, sculpture and stencil.

The final stage of the “Subcultural Landscape” will be the approval of projects with the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture (KGA) and the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP). In the spring of 2022, the approved works will appear on the streets of St. Petersburg as temporary public art objects.

Artists: Ekaterina Zaitseva, Polina Zakharina, Arina Zvezdina, Nadezhda Kazakovtseva, Olga Klimuk, Veronika Kolesnichenko, Ekaterina Kolosovskaya, Vadim Krasyukov, Ada Morozova, Valeria Ogay, Elena Pavlova, Anastasia Panfilova, Mikhail Pershko, Ksenia Romanko, Natalya Semyonova, Daniil Troyanov, Ekaterina Fedotova, Maxim Frolov, Anastasia Shensnevich.